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CMS Daily Announcements 9/2/2014

CMS Daily Announcements        White Day          Tuesday Sept 2


PE Make-Ups will be on Wednesdays. Students will report to their Homeroom first and come to the gym AFTER SSR time. Students must arrange this ahead of time with their PE Teacher and get a pass from them-those who do not arrange it ahead of time will not be allowed to leave their homeroom.  This is for Excused Absences Only and 2nd No-Dress for PE.


The first Box Tops Challenge has been issued.  The two homerooms in each grade that bring in the most Box Tops by September 26 will earn a kickball game during homeroom.


Aquarium Committee returning Aquarium Committee will begin meeting Wednesday, September 3rd,after SSR until 4:00 p.m.  Meetings will be weekly on Wednesdays until 3:30, with the first meeting of each month running until 4:00/4:30.  See you then!!!


Please excuse football players at 3:22 to catch their bus to West.


Attention all students, on the first floor locker 135, has been designated the counselor’s locker. There are note cards on the locker you can fill out and put inside it. This is a place for you to write down anything that’s bothering you or that you are worried about. It is completely confidential and one of the counselors will be reading them throughout the day. Again it is locker 135 on the first floor!


MAP testing starts tomorrow.  Please bring your laptops to class charged and ready to go! The library will be closed for MAP testing Wed and Thurs periods 1,2,4, & 6.


All summer reading challenge logs are due Friday, Sept 5th.  8th grade homeroom book club meeting Wed. after SSR. 8th grade lunch book club meeting Friday. 7th grade book club meetings will be next week.


ANNOUNCE ON MONDAYS: PE make up classes are on Wednesdays after SSR.  Please make arrangements ahead of time with your PE Teacher.  Per Ms. Rivera.

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Athletics & Activities FAQ

What activities are available to my child?
Band, chorus and orchestra are year- long activities and are open to all middle school students. All students are invited to try-out for Jazz Band, Flamingos and Swing Choir. 7th and 8th grade students may be involved in a number of school sponsored sport teams. The fall sports season is from late August through mid-October and includes Volleyball, Girls’ and Boys’ Cross Country and Football. Wrestling and Girls’ Basketball compete in November and December. Boys’ Basketball plays in January and February, while Boys’ and Girls’ Swimming participate in February and March. Girls’ and Boys’ Track run in March and April.  Additionally, CMS will present a play in which all middle school students are welcomed to be involved.

What does my child need to do to participate?
In order to participate in any sport/activity the following must be completed prior to the first day of practice:

  • A physical screening form completed by a physician or chiropractor and turned into the attendance office. The screening is good for one calendar year.
  • A concussion fact sheet form completed and turned into the attendance office.
  • A parent permission form completed and turned into the attendance office
  • An insurance waiver form completed and turned into the attendance office

The physical, parent permission and insurance waiver are on a one page form available in the attendance office, as is the concussion fact sheet form.

What if my child has never played the sport?
The ultimate goals of the Central Middle School athletic program are to: 1) realize the value of participation without over emphasizing the importance of winning and 2) develop and improve positive citizenship traits among the program’s participants. Central Middle School will accommodate and improve the wide range of abilities of the players by providing the players with a means of exercise while stressing the traits listed above. No child who wishes to play a sport at CMS will be denied the chance, because of a lack of skill or prior experience.

Will low grades effect my child’s participation in extra-curricular activities?
A low grade in a class may influence participation. Grades will be checked weekly throughout the season. If your child is failing a class, they will have a week to raise the grade to a passing level.  If a passing grade is not achieved, your child will be ineligible for games that week. Additionally, the student will be required to attend a study session each night (3:20 to 3:40) with the teacher whose class they are failing, prior to attending practice.

Does my child need to be at school to play in a game after school?
A student must be at school by 12:00, and remain in attendance for the remainder of the day, to compete in a competition taking place that night. Individual exceptions (such as a doctor appointment) may be approved if arranged in advance.

When do practices start?
Football – Sign-up and informational meeting Aug. 18, first practice Aug. 19
Volleyball – Sign-up and informational meeting Aug. 18, first practice Aug. 19
Cross Country – Sign-up and informational meeting Aug. 18, first practice Aug. 25
Wrestling – Sign-up and informational meeting Oct. 12 , first practice Oct. 18
Girls’ Basketball – Sign-up and informational meeting Oct. 5 , first practice Oct. 11
Boys’ Basketball – Sign-up and informational meeting Dec. 20, first practice Jan. 4
Swimming – Sign-up and informational meeting Jan.
Track – Sign-up and informational meeting Feb. , first practice March

How often and when are practices?
Practice is the foundation to improvement. Teams will practice every night other than game nights.  In a team sport each player needs to realize their role in contributing to the team success. Most practices are held at CMS after school (3:30 to about 5:15). However some basketball teams, the swim team will practice in the morning before school (6:15 to 7:30). Cross Country and Swimming practice at MHS with bus service being provided from CMS to MHS.  You are welcome to attend and watch practice any time.

Will there be practice/games if school is cancelled or delayed?
If school is cancelled, delayed or released early because of inclement weather there will be no practices, games, or after-school activities that night.

What do I need to purchase for my child to participate in middle school activities?
Most equipment needed to participate in a middle school activity will be provided by Central Middle School. A good pair of tennis shoes and a water bottle are all which may be required in most sports. Football does require a mouthpiece, however the first one will be provided by the school. For Swimming, goggles and a swimsuit (a one piece swimsuit for the girls and non cut-offs for boys) are required. Please call the athletic office (263-0411 ask for Mrs. Hartman) with any questions, prior to purchasing any ”˜required’ athletic gear.

Will my child be penalized for missing a practice/game for a doctor appointment?
Your student will not be penalized for an excused absence. Good communication is a vital aspect of a successful program. Please inform the coach/school as soon as you know your child will be absent.

Will transportation be provided for games against Central Middle School?
Students will need to arrange for their own transportation to games hosted at CMS and for track meets at Muscatine High School. Bussing will be provided for 8th grade football games at MHS.

Will the bus stop for food after an out of town event?
The bus will not stop for food. Most events will finish around 6:00pm and our goal will be to get the students back home as quickly as possible.

Can my child wear the school uniform to school?
School issued clothing should only be worn during practice or on game/performance day. Your child may wear school issued clothing on game days but should refrain from wearing school issued clothing on non-game days. Any damaged, lost or stolen items will be the financial responsibility of the student-participant.

Is there anything else I need to know?
Student athletes and the student’s parent/guardian need to be aware that sport activities involve risk of injury. When an athlete practices, plays or participates in any sport, the activity can be dangerous. The student may risk serious and permanent injury affecting his/her well being. The Independent School District of Muscatine is not liable, nor responsible, for any medical, dental, or hospital bills occurring as a result of injuries sustained by a student while participating in a school activity. Instructions given by the coach regarding playing techniques, training and team rules must be followed.

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