Staff List

Colorado Elementary Staff
Position Name Email Address
Principal   Ryan Castle  
 Secretary  Jill Reynolds  
 Nurse  Debbie Ortiz  
 Instructional Coach  Kerri Tharp  
 Kindergarten  Melissa Schumaker  
 Kindergarten  Lynn Hines  
 First Grade  Jenna Kiddoo  
 First Grade  Heather Noll  
 Second Grade  Terri Phillips  
 Second Grade  Susan Smith  
 Third Grade  Renae Yahn  
 Third Grade  Ashley Mohror  
 Fourth Grade  Brenda Stewart  
 Fourth Grade  Kerry Dalbey  
 Fifth Grade  Karen Hartman  
 Fifth Grade  Mary Curry  
 Special Education  Paige Williams  
 Special Education  Melissa Coss  
 Reading Interventionist  Britt Goddard  
 Extended Learning Program  Dana Carlson  
 English Learners  Virgie Chatman  
 Guidance Counselor  Sheila Kinyon-Johnson  
 Teacher Librarian  Beth Elshoff  
 Media Clerk  Kim Michaels  
 Building Para  Carla Greenwald  
 Building Para  Maureen Paetz  
 Building Para  Connie Kietel  
 Special Education Para  Sara Cox  
 Music  Jacinda Voss  
 Art  Bryce Giesmann  
 Physical Education  Becky Eserhaut  
 Kindergarten Music  Faye Lindsey  
 Kindergarten Art  Sarah Williams  
 Kindergarten Physical Education  Brendan Nagel  
 School Psychologist  Linda Ryan  
 Speech Pathologist  Stephanie Houseman  
 Custodian  Rhonda Bierman  
 Custodian  Shelly Haynes
 Food Service  Lorana Spitznogle   
Food Service  TBD
 Food Service  Leah Robertson
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