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MCSD Kindergarten Transition

Transition activities ensure that a child starts kindergarten with success. From visiting the classroom to the teacher visiting your child in your home, MCSD’s transition program helps your child to feel comfortable and less anxious about this important event in their life.

  1. MCSD Transition- Spring Visit / Spanish
    • Explore the purpose of the spring visit.
  2. MCSD Transition- Home Visit  / Spanish
    • Explore the purpose of the home visit.
  3. MCSD Transition- Back To School Night  / Spanish
    • Explore the purpose of back-to-school night.
  4. MCSD Transition- Staggered Start  / Spanish
    • Explore the purpose of our staggered start schedule.

District Information

The Muscatine Community School District strives to ensure proper communication with all families. This section provides basic information about the school district, important dates, health resources, and transportation and food services.

  1. MCSD Transition- Home of the Muskies  / Spanish
    • Explore the Muscatine Community School District- Home of the Muskies.
  2. MCSD Transition- Calendar of Events  / Spanish
    • Explore important dates for your kindergarten student.
  3. MCSD Transition- Health Resources  / Spanish
    • Explore information about health resources, including lead poisoning.
  4. MCSD Transition- Transportation  / Spanish
    • Explore information about MCSD’s transportation services.
  5. MCSD Transition- Food Service  / Spanish
    • Explore information about MCSD’s food services.
  6. MCSD Transition- Experience Muscatine  / Spanish
    • Muscatine is a great community. Learn about all of the places and events that take place in the community that give you the “Muscatine Experience”.

Kindergarten Experience

Kindergarten will be a whole new world for your child. This section will walk you through what your child will be learning, what their typical day will look like, and how to ensure they are ready for the kindergarten experience.

  1. MCSD Transition- Curriculum  / Spanish
    • Explore the kindergarten curriculum and what your child will be learning each day.
  2. MCSD Transition- Typical Day  / Spanish
    • Explore what a typical day in kindergarten looks like.
  3. MCSD Transition- Getting Ready  / Spanish
    • Explore how to ensure that your child is ready each day for school.

Elementary Buildings

Wondering about the building your child will attend? This section gives a “virtual tour” of your child’s building, from where they come in to the building each morning to where they eat lunch.

  1. MCSD Transition- Explore Colorado  / Spanish
    • Explore Colorado Elementary School.
  2. MCSD Transition- Explore Franklin  / Spanish
    • Explore Franklin Elementary School.
  3. MCSD Transition- Explore Grant  / Spanish
    • Explore Grant Elementary School.
  4. MCSD Transition- Explore Jefferson  / Spanish
    • Explore Jefferson Elementary School.
  5. MCSD Transition- Explore Madison  / Spanish
    • Explore Madison Elementary School.
  6. MCSD Transition- Explore McKinley  / Spanish
    • Explore McKinley Elementary School.
  7. MCSD Transition- Explore Mulberry  / Spanish
    • Explore Mulberry Elementary School.
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