401.02 Job Requirements Analysis



Teachers, media specialists, guidance counselors and nurses shall utilize the State of Iowa Department of Education certification requirements as the minimum criteria for employment and the established eight standards and 42 criteria as the basis of their evaluation criteria.

All non-teaching positions in the school district shall undergo an analysis by administration and employees of the school district at least every two years to ensure that expectations continue to be accurate.  The process of analyzing positions shall include an analysis of:

  • Certification requirements
  • Minimum educational qualifications
  • Stated job objectives
  • Major duties
  • Content expertise
  • Communication skills required
  • Specific skill expertise required
  • Equipment skills required

All non-teaching positions shall have written job requirements that shall include:

  • The employee group that represents the position
  • The supervisor of the position
  • The normal range for such a position in hours and days
  • The facility(ies) assignment for the position
  • Date of the current job description
  • Upon hire each person will review the job requirements for the position and after review shall sign off.  The job requirements analysis will then be placed in the individual’s personnel folder


Approved:         10/14/91           Reviewed:      11/08/10       Revised:    __  10/10/05___

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