401.06 Evaluation



Evaluation of personnel on their skills, abilities, and competence shall be an ongoing process.  The goal of the formal evaluation of personnel shall be to improve the educational program, to maintain personnel who meet or exceed the Board’s standards of performance, to clarify each employee’s role, to ascertain areas in need of improvement, to clarify the immediate priorities of the Board, and to develop a working relationship between the administrators and other school district personnel.

The formal evaluation criteria shall be in writing and approved by the Board.  The formal evaluation shall provide an opportunity for the evaluator and the employee to discuss the past year’s performance and the future areas of growth.  The formal evaluation shall be placed in the employee’s file after it is signed by the employee and evaluator.

This policy supports and does not preclude the ongoing informal evaluation of the employee’s skills, abilities, and competence.

It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to ensure personnel are evaluated annually.  New and probationary personnel shall be evaluated twice a year.

Approved:     4/24/89                Reviewed:    10/14/13                Revised:      ________

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