401.07AP Suspension – Certficated Staff – Administrative Procedures

Policy 401.07  Administrative Regulations


  1.  The superintendent of schools is responsible for suspending all certified employees.
    The Director of Resources is responsible for all non-certificated staff.  This includes custodians, maintenance, mechanics, bus drivers, clerical (all classifications) and food service workers (all classifications).
  2. The building principal or immediate supervisor recommends suspension/termination when necessary.
  3. After receiving a recommendation for suspension either for disciplinary reasons or pending investigation for possible termination, the Superintendent, or Director of Resources in the case of non-certificated staff, investigates the reasons for the recommendation.
  4. Certified staff:  If a suspension is given other than in conjunction with a 279.27 dismissal proceeding, the teacher may elect to submit the suspension decision to either the negotiated grievance procedure or to statutory review under 279.13 of the Code of Iowa if that section is applicable.
    Non-certificated staff:
     The employee’s appeal is to the negotiated grievance procedure if the union has negotiated such a right.
  5. All terminations are to be in accordance with applicable state laws.


  1. Suspension for disciplinary reasons is without pay.
  2. Suspension pending investigation for possible termination is with pay.


Approved:       9/18/89                 Reviewed:     12/12/11             Revised: ____________

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