401.11AP Leaves of Absence Without Pay – Administrative Procedures

Policy 401.11  Administrative Regulations

Leaves of Absence Without Pay

When an employee requests a leave of absence without pay, the following administrative procedures shall be utilized.

  1. Employees shall request such leaves in writing to the Superintendent on or before March 1st of each year, so that co-workers are not laid off or burdened with the procedures of lay-off without cause. No requests for such leave may be approved during April or May as they are disruptive to the reduction in force and staffing procedures.
  2. Employees may also request such leaves in writing to the Superintendent on or before December 1st of each year for a single second semester of an academic year.
  3. Employees requesting leaves of absences shall understand that they shall be granted only after five years of full-time employment. The order of approval shall be:
    1. One complete academic year
    2. One semester of an academic year; Spring
    3. One semester of an academic year; Fall
    4. Any other request
  4. The written request to the Superintendent shall include:
    1. purpose of leave
    2. length of leave requested; minimum and maximum
    3. benefit to the district by granting such leave
    4. statement of what other employment the employee may be involved with while on such leave, if granted
    5. that no other full-time employment or new business venture shall be the incidental or secondary purpose of the leave request
    6. Written acknowledgement that false statements made on the application for such leave shall result in termination of employment.
  5. The district shall terminate the leave of absence and proceed to termination of employment, as a major infraction of the rules of work, of the employee should the district discover false statements have been made on the application for leaves of absence which result in other employees being reduced, laid off or transferred as the result of such false statements.
  6. Any employee requesting such a leave shall submit a statement that includes such information to the Superintendent. Exceptions to the above may be considered on a case by case basis, but only after the full request has been submitted. The district may request an interview to review all of the facts surrounding such a request and may request substantiation of any and all statements made in such a request.

Approved:        5/8/95             Reviewed:       11/08/10         Revised:____________

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