401.13 Professional Growth and Staff Development



The Board encourages all staff to attend and participate in professional development activities to maintain, develop, and extend their skills.

The Board shall maintain and support an inservice program for all staff.  As part of this inservice program, the Board shall establish, through annual budget expenditures, a library and media materials collection that supports the Board’s inservice program and that can be used by all staff.

Requests for attendance or participation in a development program, other than those development programs sponsored by the school district, shall be made to the superintendent.  Approval of the superintendent or designee must be obtained prior to attendance by an employee in a professional development program.

The superintendent or designee shall have the discretion to allow or disallow employees to attend or participate in the requested event.  When making this determination, the superintendent will consider the value of the program for the employee and the school district, the effect of the employee’s absence on the education program and school district operations, and the school district’s budget as well as other factors deemed relevant in the judgment of the superintendent.


LEGAL REF:   Iowa Code 279.8 (1989); 670 Iowa Admin. Code 3.7; 281 Iowa Admin. Code 12.7 (new standards)

Approved:       4/27/92               Reviewed:      12/12/11            Revised:     2/13/95___

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