403.06 Hazardous Chemical Disclosure



The Board authorizes the development of a comprehensive hazardous chemical communication program for the school district to disseminate information about hazardous chemicals in the workplace.

Each school district employee shall review this information about hazardous substances annually.  Further, when a new school district employee is hired, the information and training, if necessary, shall be included in the orientation of the employee.  When an additional hazardous substance enters the workplace, information about it shall be distributed and training shall be conducted for the appropriate employees.  The superintendent shall maintain a file indicating when training and informing takes place.

School district personnel who will be instructing or otherwise working with students shall disseminate information about the hazardous chemicals they will be working with as part of the instructional program.  School district personnel are required to disseminate the information when the materials are used in the instructional program.

It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to develop administrative regulations regarding this program.  The superintendent shall report annually to the Board about the program.


Legal Ref:    Iowa Code 88, 89B (1989); 29 C.F.R. 1910, 1200 et seq.; 547 Iowa Admin Code 110; 530 Iowa Admin Code 130; 281 Iowa Admin Code 12.3(9) (new standards)

Approved:           4/24/89          Reviewed:        11/08/10       Revised: ___________

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