403.14AP Cell Phones – Administrative Procedures

Policy 403.14

Cell Phones -Administrative Regulations

Cell phones have become a necessity with some of the day-to-day operations of the school district.  A list of positions allowed the use of a district owned cell phone will be maintained and approved by the superintendent or his or her designee.  Since it is almost impossible to separate all calls from being purely business, the district has decided to allow the employee to enter into the district’s family share plan.  Each employee that chooses to enter into the District’s family share plan will be charged $10 per month to cover his or her share of personal phone calls on their District cell phone. Employees that do not join the District’s family share plan must sign a statement agreeing that they will not use their district assigned cell phone for personal use.  The superintendent or his or her designee will monitor monthly usage to ensure that this policy is not abused.  This procedure does not cover Certified Administrators or Directors.  They will be paid a monthly stipend of $30 to cover district use of their personal cell phones.  Exceptions to this plan will be determined by the superintendent on an individual basis.

Approved:         08/13/07           Reviewed:     10/22/12      Revised: 09/17/07

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