403.16AP Employee Identification Badges – Administrative Procedures

Policy 403.16 Administrative Regulations

Employee Identification Badges

  1. The school district shall purchase the camera, computer, scanner, and related consumable supplies to implement the use of employee identification badges by July 1, 1999.  The district shall purchase consumable supplies to implement, facilitate and maintain the Board policy.
  2. Each employee shall have at least two opportunities for a photo to be taken before the implementation date.  At least one of these times shall be on paid time.  New employees shall be provided with the opportunity to get their photo taken prior to their start date.
  3. Employees shall be issued two (2) identification cards and their choice of two (2) attachment devices from the three (3) available (magnet, alligator clip, or shoelace style for wearing around the neck).  Extra attachment devices shall be available for purchase by the employee at the district’s cost.
  4. The district issued badge shall also serve as the district activity pass (see appropriate employment contract for language regarding activity passes).
  5. It is the employee’s personal choice as to whether or not this identification badge is also the employee’s health card and/or cafeteria SNAP card.  Those who want only the badge/activity pass have that right and shall be issued suitable substitutes for the other purposes.
  6. Badges typically last two to three years before they need to be replaced.  The district will therefore exchange old badges for new badges periodically at no cost to the employee.
  7. If the badge(s) is lost or stolen, the cost of replacement (currently $2.00) shall be charged for the actual consumable supplies used.  A new photo will not be taken.
  8. If an employee wishes a new photo outside of the free replacement cycle, it shall be provided for a $5 fee for the new photo and supplies.
  9. The identification badge shall be worn at all times as per Board policy, except when it creates an unsafe work environment.
  10. Failure to wear the identification badge as required will be treated as any other violation of the “rules of work” and subject the employee to discipline.

Approved:        2/8/99                Reviewed:      1/14/08      Revised:      ______

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