404.07AP Planning Time – Administrative Procedures

404.07 – Administrative Regulations


A classroom teacher has the right to expect a duty free planning period similar in length to the typical teaching period in the grade level.  An elementary teacher should get 40 minutes, a middle school teacher should get 44 minutes and an MHS teacher should get 48 minutes.

The planning time should be established so that the full amount of time is consecutive.  An acceptable exception is that planning time may be scheduled so that a teacher would get some planning time, then a duty free lunch time followed by some planning time so that the entire block allows the teacher to have the full allocation of duty free lunch time and duty free planning time.

Travel time between buildings is not considered part of one’s duty free planning time nor is it to be considered part of their duty free lunch time.  Travel time should include time to take-down and set-up at each building a teacher may use during the day.

Less than full-time staff has a pro-rata share of planning time included into their contract percentage.

Planning time is considered part of the teacher’s contract day.  It is not a time established for the performance of Schedule “C” co-curricular work.

Department leaders or coordinators may receive release from some teaching duties to spend part of their contract day on department business.  MHS teachers who teach credit classes over the ICN should be released from some of their other teaching duties to spend some of their contract day on such additional classroom preparation.

Teachers who are shared by buildings shall be assigned to buildings by the coordinator of such services.  The building principals then make their daily schedules.  The schedule is submitted to the district office for approval by the directors of educational services and human resources.

Teachers whose daily schedule is all in one building shall have their schedules developed by the building principal and are made available for review and approval by the directors of educational services and human resources.

Any teacher may request a review of their schedule by the directors of educational services and human resources to verify compliance with this procedure.


Approved:          7/1/99         Reviewed:        1/9/12          Revised: __________

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