404.09 Staff Development Procedures



All certified staff members are encouraged to improve their professional competency by taking advantage of courses and workshops offered by accredited colleges or universities, the Department of Education approved staff development program of the AEA, or developed by the Muscatine School District.

Credit for such approved activities shall apply for horizontal advancement on the salary schedule if approved by the principal and the superintendent.  In no case shall a staff member move from one degree rank to another (BA to MA) on the salary schedule without completion of the requisite degree program.  However, complete horizontal movement is allowed within a degree rank (BA to BA+15, BA+15 to 30).  Salary schedule credits earned through staff development activities shall be limited to 9 semester hours toward each block of 15 hours required for a lane change.  The remaining 6 hours may also be taken for staff development or certification renewal credit if it is offered for graduate credit or staff development credit and the only difference is the amount paid for the course.

Staff development activities for which credits will be accepted must relate to the specific area of instruction in which the staff member is currently working or to which the district intends to assign the staff member.  The staff member shall confer with his/her principal prior to participating in a given activity and the principal shall verify, in writing, to the staff member that the course in question meets applicability criteria.  The decision of the principal may be appealed to the superintendent.

A staff development credit for salary advancement purposes shall be considered equivalent to one semester hour of college or university credit and shall at a minimum be calculated on the basis of one credit for every fifteen (15) class contact hours completed.  No partial credit shall be accepted.

To secure salary adjustments for staff development activities, the staff member must file the lane change approval request by February 28th of the year preceding the lane change and furnish all necessary supporting data to the superintendent no later than September 1.  When an activity is taken for college or university credit, an official transcript is required.  If the activity is not taken for college or university credit, a “verification of credit earned” form must be provided by the person in charge of the staff development activity.

All staff development activity sponsored by Muscatine School District can be used for horizontal movement if recommended by the building principal.

All other staff development (including CEU and graduate college credits) may be used for horizontal salary movement if recommended by the principal and approved by the superintendent.

This policy will not be retroactive.  No staff development credit and/or certificate renewal credit completed before the adoption of this policy will be applied to salary schedule advancement.


Approved:           6/13/88         Reviewed:         03/10/14           Revised: __1/1204_____

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