405.05 Discipline of Students by Non-Certified Personnel



Statement of Purpose

Basic to the educational process is an environment that is conducive to learning.  The community, through the Board of Education, has the responsibility to protect the rights of the students to learn and to insure the proper operation of the school.

The behavior of the student is the joint responsibility of the student, parent, and school staff.  It is the belief of the Muscatine Community School District that students should be guided into being responsible for their own acts and to recognize the importance and implications of their acts.  The majority of the students and parents in this district recognize the necessity for having rules and regulations governing the operation of a school and are perfectly willing to accept the need for same.  Unfortunately, however, there are a few students who, on occasion, feel that such rules and regulations do not apply to them.  Therefore, the Board of Education, its administration, and staff accept the responsibility to provide a school environment where learning can take place and to protect the rights and privileges of all members of the school community.

Physical Assault or Attack Against Teachers or Administrators

When attempting to restore or maintain order, employees may become involved in conflict situations and activities that sometimes arouse hostile feelings.  It is of the utmost importance that they be afforded every possible protection by school authorities.

When an employee has been physically assaulted or attacked by a student(s), the principal will treat the matter as a physical assault.  When under attack, the employee is allowed to physically defend himself or herself as reasonably necessary.

Corporal Punishment

Corporal punishment is not permitted (Senate File 52, 1989).

Approved:        9/18/89                    Reviewed:       3/18/13             Revised: __________

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