503.07 Promotional Campaigns in the Schools – Fundraisers



Students shall not be required to help with promotional campaigns (i.e., financial, educational, charitable) unless the campaigns are within the general policies of the Board of Directors.

No one shall be permitted to solicit any student for any purposes, or distribute circulars, handbills, cards, or advertisements of any kind or make announcements of any nature, or take up any contributions in any school building or on the premises, for any purpose whatsoever, except by approval of the superintendent, as being in accord with the general policies of the Board of Directors.

Participation by students in charity activities is considered to be a desirable part of their total education.  However, as a matter of basic policy, the Board of Directors will authorize the administration to determine the nature and extent of such activity.

Approved:          2/12/90            Reviewed:      07/14/14            Revised:      5/9/94__           

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