503.07AP Student Fundraising Activities – Administrative Procedures

Policy 503.07AP

Administrative Regulations – Student Fund-Raising Activities

Major, all-school fund-raisers shall be limited to one per year.  This does not include inhouse fund-raising projects (pictures, bake sales, fun nights, garage sales, dinners, dances, etc.)

Building principals shall bring the provision of this policy to the attention of all certificated personnel under their jurisdiction at the beginning of each school year and shall be held responsible for enforcing this policy within their building.

Should a situation arise which the building principal believes is not clearly covered by the policy he/she shall contact the superintendent or designee for a ruling.

Sales promotions and fund raising campaigns in support of school sponsored activities must meet the following criteria:

  • Promote the educational welfare of students
  • Promote good public relations
  • Promote school spirit
  • Perform a service for the students, school or community

Each high school organization or activity advisor will submit in writing to the building principal or designee for approval a proposed list of sales campaigns and the approximate dates.  Two (2) weeks prior to each sales campaign the activity advisor will complete a form to be submitted to the high school building principal or designee for approval.  The form will be returned to the activity advisor within five (5) days of the date of submission.  All purchases must follow the purchase order request procedure.  No orders will be paid for without a purchase order.

Each school support organization (including parent-teacher organizations and booster groups) planning to participate in fund raising activities shall establish a fund raising committee to work in conjunction with the principal to develop plans for raising and disbursing funds.  Each building principal or designee will compile a list of sales campaigns for their buildings.  A copy of this list will be submitted to the superintendent by October 15th of each year.  Sales campaigns approved after the October 15th date should also be submitted to the superintendent or designee.

Basic instructional equipment, furniture and materials should be provided by the district.  Facility and/or site remodeling or construction is the responsibility of the school district.

Fund-raising activities should be confined to non-instructional time, with the exception of business-related classes where the activity is part of the curriculum.  Staff time should be kept to a minimum.

Incentive-based sales should be discouraged with the resulting increased profits going to the school project.  When possible, service to the community should be part of the fund-raising activities.

The quality of the product and the reputation of the firm should be considered in all fund-raising activities.

All funds raised by school and school-related groups should be audited yearly and a written report filed with the principal’s and superintendent’s office for public record.

No student should be required to participate in a fund-raising activity.

Elementary students should be allowed to go door-to-door only in their immediate neighborhood and with written permission of their parents.  Permission slips must be on file at the school before materials are distributed to students.


Promotions and Use of Commercial Support and Services

Collaboration between the public and private sectors is beneficial to schools and community alike.

Commercial organizations that wish to provide support and/or services to the district and/or an individual school should work through the superintendent or designee.  Schools may not exploit students, whether by advertising or otherwise promoting products or services, soliciting funds or information, or securing participation in non-school related activities and functions.

In all cases, the following conditions shall prevail:

  1. Corporate/business logos may be used to recognize corporate participation with school district programs and activities.
  2. Support groups associated with the school, such as booster clubs and parent teacher associations, may conduct fund-raising campaigns if the campaigns are approved by the teacher involved, the school-based council and the principal.
  3. Teaching aids and/or materials that include a discreet use of a corporate/ business logo may be accepted and used when, in the view of the superintendent or designee, they contribute in a meaningful way to the educational program of the school.
  4. Schools may not accept any materials, including advertising in school programs or publications, which directly advertise and promote the use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.
  5. Schools may not accept products, services, or paid advertisements that are biased in regard to race, creed, color, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, age, veteran status or disability.
  6. Students and staff shall not endorse any product or service.
  7. Solicitation on school premises is prohibited.
  8. The distribution of pamphlets, brochures, and other forms of advertisement urging students, parents, or staff to purchase services or products is prohibited.  School-sponsored student publications and services or products co-sponsored by the school are exempt from this provision.

Approved:          5/9/94                Reviewed:      07/14/14            Revised:      _________

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