505.01 Child Abuse and Neglect



It is the policy of the Muscatine Community School District that any employee who has a reasonable belief that a child under the age of 18 has been abused by a person responsible for the care of the child, or reasonably suspects sexual abuse and/or prostitution by people who are not child caretakers, shall report the suspected abuse verbally to the Department of Human Services (DHS) within twenty-four hours, and follow the verbal report with a written report on appropriate forms.  The failure on the part of an employee who is a mandatory reporter to make a report as required by law may subject the employee to disciplinary sanctions up to and including discharge.

It is also the policy of the Muscatine Community School District that reports of child abuse remain confidential, as required by law.

The district shall provide the training required by law in the identification and reporting of child abuse to all mandatory reporters employed by the school district within six months of initial employment.   This training shall be taken at least every five years.  The district shall also provide each new employee, who is a mandatory reporter, with the legal requirements of child abuse reporting within one month of initial employment.

The administration and staff will cooperate fully with DHS personnel in conducting a child abuse investigation by providing confidential access to the child named in the report, and to other children alleged to have relevant information, for the purpose of interviews.  Due to confidentiality reasons, the district cannot contact parents or guardians of a child suspected to be a victim of abuse.  In cases of mandatory reporting of child abuse, DHS will assume responsibility for contacting the parents.

Approved:          2/12/90         Reviewed:       10/27/14    Revised:       4/28/03___

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