505.05AP Self-Administration for Asthma or Airway Constricting Medication



In order for a student to self-administer medication for asthma or any airway constricting disease:

  • The parent/guardian must provide a signed, dated authorization for student medication self-administration.
  • The physician (or person licensed to distribute or dispense a prescription drug or device in the course of professional practice in Iowa or a person licensed by another state in a health field in which, under Iowa law, licensees in this state may legally prescribe drugs) provides written authorization containing:
    • Purpose of the medication
    • Prescribed dosage

Times or special circumstances under which the medication is to be administered

  • The medication is in the original, labeled container as dispensed or the manufacturer’s container containing the student name, name of the medication, directions for use and date.
  • Authorization is renewed annually.  If any changes occur in the medication, dosage or time of administration, the parent is to notify school officials immediately.  The authorization shall be reviewed as soon as practical.

Provided the above requirements are fulfilled, a student with asthmas or other airway constricting disease may possess and use the student’s medication while in school, at school-sponsored activities, under the supervision of school personnel, and before or after normal school activities, such as in before or after-school care on school-operated property.  If the student abuses the self-administration policy, the ability to self-administer may be withdrawn by the school or discipline may be imposed.

Pursuant to state law, the school district and its employees are to incur no liability, except for gross negligence, as a result of any injury arising from self-administration of medication by the student.  The parent or guardian of the student shall sign a statement acknowledging that the school district is to incur no liability, except for gross negligence, as a result of self-administration of medication by the student as established by Code 280.16.

Parental Authorization for Asthma Medication Self-Administration








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