506.01 Student Records



The Board recognizes the importance of maintaining student records and preserving their confidentiality.  All student records containing personally identifiable information shall be kept confidential at collection, storage, disclosure and destruction stages.  Student records shall be maintained by the principal and housed in the school building.

Parents, eligible students or their representatives shall have access to the student’s records.  An eligible student is a student who has reached the age of majority or is attending an institution of post-secondary education.  If the student is an eligible student, the parent shall not be provided access without the written permission of the student.  If the eligible student is still a dependent student, as defined by the Internal Revenue Code, the parents may be provided access without the written permission of the student.  Except as otherwise provided in this policy, no one else shall have access to a student’s records without the written permission of the parent or eligible student.  A representative of the parents or eligible student, who has received written permission from the parents or eligible student, may inspect and review a special education student’s student records.  A parent cannot be denied access to a student’s records without a court order.  Annually, the school district shall notify parents and eligible students of their rights to view the student’s records.  The notice shall be given in a parent’s or eligible student’s native language.

A student record may contain information on more than one student.  Parents shall have the right to access the information relating to their student or to be informed of the information.

Parents and eligible students shall have the right to view the student’s records upon request without unnecessary delay and in no instance more than forty-five days after the request is made.  Parents, an eligible student, or an authorized representative shall have the right to access the students’ records prior to an Individual Education Program (IEP) meeting or hearing.  The parents or eligible student may request an explanation and interpretation of the records, copies of the records for a reasonable fee, and a list of the type and locations of education records collected or used.  The fee shall be waived if it would prevent the parents or student from viewing the records.

If the parent or eligible student believes the records are inaccurate, misleading or violate the privacy or other rights of the pupil, the parent or eligible student may request the school district to amend the records.  If the school district refuses to amend the records, the parents or eligible student shall have a right to appeal the school districts’ decision and shall have an administrative hearing before the Iowa Department of Education.

If the DE determines an amendment shall be made to the student’s records, the school district shall make the amendment.  If the parent’s request to amend the records is denied, the parents shall have the opportunity to place an explanatory letter in the student’s records commenting on the DE’s decision and setting forth any reasoning for disagreeing with the DE.







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