506.06 Graduation Requirements



Graduation requirements from the senior high school shall total 23 high school credits for 2014-15 and 25 credits for 2016 and beyond plus successful completion of high school physical education requirements up to two additional credits.

Language Arts — 4 years minimum or 4 units of credit are required.  English 9, 10, and 11 are required.  With the exception of AP English, all other courses are semester electives determined by need or interest.  One-half unit of speech/communication is required as a sophomore.

Social Studies — 3 years minimum or 3 units of credit are required.  One unit (two semesters) of U. S. History is required for all ninth grade students.  One-half unit (one semester) of government and one-half unit (one semester) of economics are required of all 12th grade students.

Mathematics — 3 years minimum or 3 units of credit are required.

Science – 3 years minimum or 3 units of credit are required.  One unit (two semesters) of Physical Science or Principles of Technology and one unit (two semesters) of Biological Science are required.

Physical Education — Required one semester for each full year enrolled. One-half unit of credit will be earned for each semester of successful completion.

Electives – 8 units

Community Service — One credit toward graduation may be earned for an approved community service program.

All full-time students must carry five academic class credits each semester enrolled.  Any exceptions for medical or special education reasons will need administrative approval.

Students demonstrating an approved level of competency in a course of study may advance to a higher level course.  Credit may be granted for courses bypassed.

Each student’s transcript will designate the reading level attained during K-12 programming.

Students who have participated in alternative education programs may be eligible for graduation from high school providing that they have earned a minimum of ten credits from a public or accredited private school.

Grades earned from non-accredited and/or alternative education programs such as home school instruction or private tutorial instruction will not be counted in the student’s cumulative grade point average.

Graduation requirements for special education students will be in accord with the prescribed course of study as described in the student’s Individualized Education Program.  Prior to the student’s graduation, the IEP team shall determine that the graduation requirements have been met.


Approved:             9/18/89           Reviewed:      1/24/00            Revised:          10/14/13

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