506.08 Dual Credit for Seniors



Students having completed their eleventh grade year at Muscatine Senior High, with the recommendation of the administration, may be eligible to request the Board of Education for the privilege of waiving their senior year at the local high school.  Candidates for this type of program should have compiled an outstanding record in all college prep courses attempted (9, 10, and 11) and rank in the upper 10% of their class.  Further criteria which will be reviewed later includes:  exceptionally high performance on all standard tests taken during grades 9-11, evidence of good social adjustment, and a satisfactory maturity level.  The above named criteria will be reviewed with the school counselor, administrator, and parents of the candidate.

The admissions office of the college or university in which the student hopes to enroll should be contacted prior to local consideration.  Evidence of acceptance from the admitting college or university should be filed by the applicant at the high school principal’s office.

Upon approval for “dual credit”, the student will be required to submit to the local high school his first and second semester progress reports (grades) prior to issuance of the regular Muscatine Senior High diploma.  Students maintaining a superior college record (B or better grades) during their freshman year will be carried on the high school senior class roll for senior honors.


Approved:         2/12/90          Reviewed:         05/11/09      Revised: ________

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