506.12AP Winter Weather Administrative Procedures


Administrative Regulations – Winter Weather Procedures

General Policy

  1. It is the policy of the Muscatine Community Schools to be open for classes every scheduled day for the scheduled number of hours.
  2. Exceptions will be broadcast over radio and television stations listed in this pamphlet and also on the internet.  If there is no announcement broadcast, schools will be in session.

Closing Possibilities

  1. School may be canceled for the full day if a severe storm or inclement weather such as fog or ice is in progress or there is a subsequent problem in clearing or traveling on streets and roads.  An announcement will be broadcast as early as possible.
  2. If a storm develops after the school day has started, regular school hours will be maintained including regular dismissal time.  However, one or more of the following options may apply:
    1. Students not already at school may be asked to stay home.
    2. Parents may pick up students at the school at any time.
    3. Extra-curricular activities may be canceled.

In all cases, the school district’s decision and any subsequent information will be immediately announced to radio and television stations and on the internet.

Special Provisions

  1. Only in extreme situations will any schools be dismissed ahead of regular dismissal times.  Two factors dictate such a policy.  First, a large number of children ride school buses and it is not always possible to run buses earlier than scheduled.  Second, in many homes both parents work and no one would be home to receive and to account for children dismissed early.
  2. When weather is severe it may be necessary to shorten some bus routes due to specific road conditions.  If any stops are eliminated, efforts will be made to notify parents and students of such change.
  3. In the event a bus is stalled, students will stay on the bus until another bus arrives to take them to school or home.
  4. Hard surface routes may be used when road conditions create unsafe driving on county roads.








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