506.13 Disaster Drills and Disaster Planning



The first consideration of the schools is to insure the safety of the students and staff in all conditions, and especially so in emergency situations.

A well educated student body will greatly assist in preparing for any natural or man made disaster.

Schools will conduct, and students will be required to regularly participate in, fire drills, tornado drills and emergency evacuations.

In an actual emergency situation when time allows, children will be sent home.  In the event that sufficient time is not available to send children home, the students will remain at the schools and will be housed in the best manner possible under the emergency conditions to insure the students’ safety.

All decisions regarding this policy will be announced to local and regional media for broadcast to district patrons.


LEGAL REF:                        Iowa Code Section 100.31

Approved: ____2/12/90_____   Reviewed:  ____7/14/14         Revised:  __________

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