600.05 Conditions of Instruction



The Board of Education recognizes that adequate and proper classroom conditions are essential to good teaching and learning.  It shall be the duty of all persons responsible for school services to share in establishing and maintaining conditions under which instruction and learning may advance.

Teachers are to be provided with sufficient equipment, supplies, and materials to maintain a good teaching program.

All buildings shall be kept in satisfactory condition in order to maintain the health and comfort of the pupils.

The school administration is mindful of the fact that quality education is difficult to obtain when teachers are burdened with overloads.  An overload might consist of such things as over-sized classes, too many preparations, too many class interruptions, insufficient teaching aids, excessive community demands, and the like.

Insofar as possible, the Muscatine Community School District is dedicated to following these basic guidelines:

  1. The pupil-teacher ratios in elementary grades should not exceed 1-30.  Secondary teacher-pupil ratios should not exceed 1-35 per class or a total of 165 student contacts (excluding study halls).  A concerted effort will be made to keep these numbers lower than this whenever possible.
  2. The above pupil load goals do not apply in activity type classes, typing, physical education, and special education.
  3. Problems concerning adequacy of facilities or teaching stations to accommodate students enrolled may be called to the attention of the Board of Education through the proper chain of command.


Approved:      9/18/89                Reviewed:       04/22/13               Revised: ___________

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