600.06AP Elementary Class Size, Title I Public School Choice, Transfer Procedures


Administrative Regulations

Elementary Class Size

The following class size standards have been approved by the Board of Education:

Goal Mid-Point Maximum
Grades K-2 22 24 26
Grades 3-5 24 26 28

When standard class sizes are exceeded, these alternatives will be considered:

  1. When the class size maximum is exceeded in a section, parents will be informed and given the option of voluntarily sending their student(s) to a designated school with a smaller teacher-pupil ratio.
  2. Should a specific section exceed the maximum by two or more the following alternatives will be considered:
    1. utilize  a combination class, or looping (see #7 below)
    2. divide the section if space permits
    3.  add a full-time classroom aide
  3. Each grade level at a specific building with average class sizes that reaches the mid-point will be provided classroom aide assistance on the basis of 1/2 hour per day per child for every child that exceeds the mid-point, (e.g., two third grade sections that combined equal 52 get no additional time while three first grade sections that equal 74 gets an additional hour).  Large-class aides will be employed when the above criteria is reached on or before September 15th or on the first Monday of each succeeding quarter.  Reassignment of large-class aides will be considered each quarter.
  4. When the enrollment in a given grade level of a school exceeds the maximum, the superintendent or designee may close that grade level to additional enrollment for the balance of the school year.
  5. Involuntary transfer of students may be used when a grade level is closed because of excessive enrollment or before the opening of a school year to balance enrollments.  Transportation will be provided for involuntary transfers.
  6. Boundary attendance lines may be revised due to changes in enrollment patterns, educational programs, district resources, or other factors.   (See Board policy)
  7. If space permits and the excess enrollment in two or more consecutive grades is below the mid-point, a combination room may be formed. In instances where it is necessary to create a combination room after classes have convened for the school year, parents involved will be informed directly of the reorganization before students receive the information in order that the parents may assist the student in making a smooth transition.

Administrative Regulations

Regulations for Title I Public School Choice

The following are the written guidelines to be provided for use in planning and conducting school affected by the Title I Public School Choice legislation. These Administrative Regulations are in support of and for the use of implementing School Board Policy 501.5, School Board Policy 600.6 and Administrative Regulations for School Board Policy 600.6.

Any Title I school identified as a school in need of reading and/or mathematics assistance must as the federal law requires, “provide all students in the school with the option to transfer to another public school within the local educational agency that has not been identified for school assistance.”

If a parent or guardian of a student(s) attending their neighborhood/designated school wishes to transfer their student(s) from a “cited” school then the parent shall complete the district’s Request for Transfer Form and submit it prior to the early August transfer and section meeting held each year.

The district shall provide the School Board, the general public and all parents of “cited” school(s) with the names of the schools that shall be available and capable for accepting transfers not later than thirty calendar days prior to the deadline for transfer requests.

The district shall designate which schools shall be capable of accepting students, which schools are not capable of accepting students and why they are not and also designate which of these schools for which the district can provide free transportation. E.g.,

“Franklin school parents can expect that they can transfer their student from Franklin to McKinley, Washington and Mulberry and get free transportation from designated pick-up points within Franklin’s boundary to these schools. Franklin parents may transfer their students to Grant, Madison, and Colorado but will not receive free transportation. Parents can not transfer their students to Jefferson because it too is a cited school.”

“Jefferson school parents can expect that they can transfer their student from Jefferson to Colorado, Grant and Madison and get free transportation from designated pick-up points within Jefferson’s boundary to these schools. Jefferson parents may transfer their students to McKinley, Mulberry and Washington but will not receive free transportation. Jefferson parents can not transfer their students to Franklin because it too is a cited school.”

Voluntary Transfer Procedures

The school board approves this policy and delegates its implementation to the superintendent of schools. The superintendent of schools shall appoint a transfer committee. The committee will be responsible for reviewing all requests for voluntary transfer based upon these procedures and making a completed report of requests and approvals to the school board each fall.

There shall be a “cap” established of 21 for Kindergarten, Grade 1 and 2. There shall be a “cap” established of 23 for Grade 3, 4, and 5. Voluntary transfers shall not be approved into a section that would cause this “cap” to be violated except in unusual circumstances. New residents arriving after school starts shall be allowed into a section if their entry would not exceed 26 in K-2 sections or 28 in Grade 3-5 sections.

  • Schedule: The approval process shall follow this schedule and in this priority order.

a) In April of each school year administration shall determine the majority of locations for Pre-schools and Special Programs. When such a decision has been made administration may approve the voluntary transfer of sibling(s) of student(s) attending a non-neighborhood school program so that the parents have fewer schools to work with during the upcoming year. This type of transfer is only valid for the semester(s) the sibling(s) attends the special program.

b) If administration institutes a special program once a school year begins then the sibling(s) of the student(s) attending the program may not be approved for a voluntary transfer unless the section sizes at the host school is below the specified “cap”. The sibling(s) would be considered the following April as per 1.a) above.

c) After PS-5 registration administration shall review all requests for voluntary transfers and make a determination by students at the earliest possible date.

d) At the time of entry into our school district, relocation from one district boundary into another district boundary or at the time of a parental request for a transfer due to some specific and unresolved conflict, administration shall review the request for transfer.

e) Homeless and foster care: students who are in foster care or who are considered homeless shall be allowed to continue to attend the school where they lived prior to this determination, as if they were residents.

  • Middle school:

Currently we allow middle school students to transfer back and forth between the two middle schools as the net effect is less than 2%. We do not provide transportation by policy, but realize that some of these students are receiving transportation just by the fact that there are bus stops and routes that can serve their needs without additional cost to the district, so we do not refuse them service.  Should the net effect increase beyond 2% of the middle school population consideration will be given to establishing some as of yet determined criteria to assure that the 2% rule is maintained.

  • Siblings

Currently when class sizes are below the number established by voluntary transfer procedures, we allow voluntary transfers of sibling(s) of student(s) attending a non-neighborhood special school program so that the parents have fewer schools to work with during the upcoming year. This type of transfer is only valid for the semester(s) the sibling(s) attends the special program.

Whenever possible this decision will be made in April. If the sibling is placed into the special program at some other time the ability of the district to allow the voluntary transfer into the same non-resident building unless resident students and 5th graders who have attended five previous years take all available seats.

  • Fifth graders:

Year(s) of prior attendance shall be determined by student cumulative folder and other district records.

  • Future resident students:

Currently we allow students to apply for voluntary transfer into a non-resident school on the basis of the parent/guardians being in the process of buying, building, renovating a housing unit so that we can minimize the number of buildings that they student attends through their elementary education. Purchase of a lot, does not qualify for this type of transfer and the district has the right to see a valid transfer of deed if there is a question as to the veracity of this type of transfer application.

  • Day-care, baby-sitter, parents both working, transportation issues, hardships:

Currently we allow parents whose day-care, baby-sitter reside in a non-resident district to apply for a voluntary transfer to attend the neighborhood school of the day-care provider order to minimize the hassles of transporting the student or having the student left alone before or after school.

  • Class-sizes

Currently we allow a student to request a transfer from a large section (K to Grade 2 of 22 or larger to transfer into section of 20 or smaller and Grade 3 to Grade 5 of 24 or larger to transfer into a section of 22 or smaller) to attend a non-resident school. These requests are reviewed after registration. The priority of these transfer requests are after siblings of special program participants, 5th graders, future residents and for the convenience of day-care providers have been approved.

  • Other:

Any and all other requests for voluntary transfers shall be reviewed by the district’s transfer committee. The priority of these other transfer requests are after siblings of special program participants, 5th graders, future residents, convenience of day-care providers and class sizes have been approved.

Approved:    5/20/02            Reviewed:      3/3/06             Revised: _04/22/13____

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