601.01 Curriculum Development



Curriculum development shall be an ongoing process in the school district.  Each curriculum shall be reviewed, and revised where necessary, according to the timeline set out by the superintendent.  These timelines will provide for review of each curriculum area every six to eight years.

The superintendent or the superintendent’s designee shall be responsible for curriculum development and for determining the most effective way for conducting research of the school district’s curriculum needs and a long-range curriculum development program.

In making recommendations to the Board, the superintendent shall propose a curriculum that will:

  • fulfill the philosophy of the school district;
  • reflect the educational and operational needs assessment of the school district;
  • articulate courses of study from kindergarten through grade twelve;
  • identify appropriate standards and benchmarks
  • provide for the evaluation of the attainment of the benchmarks;
  • provide for objective monitoring of student progress;
  • provide for the needs of vocational and college bound students;
  • include, if feasible, the course offerings requested by the students.
  • include course offerings that will prepare students for success in the future job market;
  • meet all necessary requirements of the Department of Education including the infusion of communication, global education, technology, multicultural-nonsexist, higher order thinking skills, and career education.

It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent or the superintendent’s designee to keep the Board apprised of necessary curriculum changes and revisions and to develop administrative regulations for curriculum development and recommendations to the Board.


Approved:          4/24/89           Reviewed:        07/14/14      Revised:     5/9/94_   

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