601.02 Curriculum Adoption and Evaluation



The Board must approve curriculum of the school district.  Curriculum recommended by the superintendent, the superintendent’s designee, or by a committee established for the purpose of making a recommendation to the Board on curriculum shall be considered by the Board.

The Board may authorize the use of curriculum guides when it adopts curriculum.  Such guides will be used when, in the opinion of the superintendent, they will be of assistance to the instructional program and will provide a consistent approach in the instructional program.

Annually, and whenever a new program is proposed, the Board will review the curriculum offered in the school district to determine its strengths and weaknesses.  The Board may authorize the superintendent or the superintendent’s designee to appoint an ad hoc advisory committee to assist in curriculum evaluation.

The Board shall review the students’ performance on standardized tests, courses, and other indicators of student achievement deemed relevant by the Board as a guideline for the effectiveness of the curriculum.  It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent or the superintendent’s designee to provide the Board with the test scores and grades along with the superintendent’s comments about the school district’s curriculum annually.



Iowa Code

281 Iowa Administrative Code 12.5(14) (new standards)


Approved:           9/18/89           Reviewed:       4/22/13            Revised:          2/8/93____

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