601.05 Middle School Curriculum



The middle schools shall provide instruction in the following fields:

  1. language arts
  2. mathematics
  3. science
  4. social studies
  5. foreign language
  6. general business
  7. music visual art
  8. physical education
  9. health
  10. industrial  technology
  11. family and consumer science
  12. technology
  13. human growth & development
  14. career education

Curriculum guides shall be developed for all appropriate areas and shall be reviewed/revised according to a schedule developed by the superintendent or the superintendent’s designee.  These guides shall be designed to provide a consistent approach to instructional problems and to furnish information about supplementary materials and related activities.  They will be designed to reflect the district’s instructional and curriculum models.

In all instances, the middle school curriculum shall meet the educational requirements as established by state statute, the Department of Education and the district.

LEGAL REF:            Iowa Administrative Code 3.5(1); 3.5(4); 3.5(6)

Approved:           3/14/88            Reviewed:        07/08/13        Revised:         4/14/08____  

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