601.10 Physical Education



Students in grades one through twelve shall be required to participate in physical education courses unless they are excused by the principal or school nurse of their attendance center.

A twelfth grade student may be excused from this requirement by the principal if the student is enrolled under one of the following circumstances:

  1. The student is enrolled in a cooperative, work-study, or other educational program authorized by the school that requires the student’s absence from the school premises during the school day.
  2. The student is enrolled in academic courses not otherwise available.
  3. The student is enrolled in an organized or supervised athletic program that requires at least as much time participation per week as one-eighth unit of physical education.

Students in grades 9-11 may be excused by the principal of the high school, in consultation with the student’s counselor, for up to one semester, trimester, or the equivalent of a semester or trimester if the parent or guardian of the student requests in writing that the student be excused from the physical education requirement.  The student seeking to be excused from the requirement, must, at some time period during which the excuse is being sought, be a participant in an organized athletic program which requires at least as much time of participation per week as one-eighth unit of physical education.  The principal shall inform the superintendent that the student is excused.

Students in grades one through twelve may be exempt for medical or religious reasons.  Students who will not participate in physical education must have a written request or statement from their parents or guardians.  The written request shall include a proposed alternate activity or study acceptable to the superintendent or designee.  The superintendent or designee shall have the final authority to determine the alternate activity or study.


Iowa Code 256.11 (1989)

670 Iowa Administrative Code 3.5(10)

281 Iowa Administrative Code 12.5(3)(f), .5(4)(f), .5(6) (new   standards)


Approved:      9/18/89              Reviewed:      4/23/12           Revised:        3/26/07___

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