601.18AP Religion and Public Schools Administrative Procedures


Administrative Regulations

Religion and Public Schools

The following are the written guidelines to be provided for use in planning and conducting studies and activities that have a relationship to religion.

When an administrator or teacher is involved with bringing in a speaker for an assembly or class presentation one of the following three approval procedures ought to be used to insure compliance with 601.18.

  1. One or more of the staff has observed the presenter/speaker’s presentation and they attest to the speaker’s compliance with the policy.
  2. The speaker’s presentation has not been observed in person by our administrative staff but the speaker has provided us with a list of references and administration has actually contacted the reference(s) to verify compliance with the school board policy.
  3. The speaker has not been observed or the speaker cannot provide references due to the limited timing or relative newness of their presentation. Then the speaker is shown the school board policy and signs off attesting to the fact that they understand the policy and will comply with our school board policy.

If a student’s participation in a program or performance in what was thought to be non-religious becomes personally offensive religious material the student may notify their supervising teacher and report to the main office or media center for alternative activities until the performance is over.







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