601.21 Alternative Programs



Requests to the Board to develop and implement alternative school programs should include the following information:

  1. Need.  A narrative statement shall give the reasons for the request
  2. Objectives.  Immediate and long-range objectives shall be stated, according to the purposes of the request and the course content.
  3. Expected Goals.  At the end of a specific trial period, the alternative program shall be evaluated and its further use should be projected.
  4. Personnel Involved in Planning.  A listing shall include members of the professional staff and the community.
  5. Budget.  A proposed budget that identifies all costs related with implementing the program shall be presented.
  6. Implementation Procedures.  Steps for implementing the program shall be listed, including plans for developing the program once it is started.
  7. Plans for Evaluation.  Based on the stated objectives and goals, program evaluation plans shall be provided, including a listing and type(s) of possible assessment instruments.  The continuation of any program beyond its stated trial period could occur only after a positive evaluation, which considers all aspects of the program.

The Board shall carefully consider plans and recommendations for alternative programs while keeping in mind that the primary responsibilities must be the regular school program and the administration of the district’s finances.


Iowa Code 280.12; Admn. Code 3.5(7); 3.5(10); 3.514)








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