601.25AP Homework Guidelines – Middle School


Homework Guidelines – Middle School – Administrative Regulations

Research on homework suggests that homework is most effective when:

  • Its purpose is clear to students and they perceive it as integral to the ongoing program of study.
  • It is regularly assigned, clearly explained, and initially begun in a teacher-assisted classroom setting.
  • It is adapted to student ability levels and their levels of skill in independent study.
  • It is collected, graded and/or commented upon, and returned promptly with feedback.

Team planning time at each middle school will be used on a weekly basis to coordinate test, quizzes and homework assignments in reading, math, language, science and social studies.

The total aggregate of time for homework assignments, including major or long term assignments will be a maximum of 70 minutes per day, four days a week for the typical student, excluding time used in the classroom but including home room time.  Most students are assigned a 40 minute homeroom, which if utilized appropriately will reduce the time needed for homework outside of the normal school day.  Occasionally this homeroom time is used to accomplish school business other than homework.

Students in Enrich Math or Algebra may have 30 minutes of homework outside of class resulting in an aggregate of 80 minutes per day outside of the classroom for all subjects.

Homework assignments will be differentiated to challenge and accommodate all learners.  Homework assignments will be modified or accommodated as per IEP’s or 504’s.

Efforts will be made to provide additional in and out of school support  for students who have difficulty completing homework assignments.


Approved:         06/12/2006               Reviewed:   05/09/11     Revised:____________

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