601.30AP Virtual On-Line Courses


Virtual Online Courses

Administrative Procedures

Course Content

  • Online courses offered through teachers and external agencies will be approved through the building administrator.
  • Online courses will be reviewed to ensure quality and alignment to the standards, including
    • Specific performance standards established for learner outcomes
    • Opportunities for students to engage in abstract thinking and critical reasoning.
    • Instruction provided by teacher/facilitator with certification in the subject of instruction and/or trained in online pedagogy, and
    • Clearly written syllabi available for review

Support Services

  • Online courses will include a mentor to monitor student success.
  • Appropriate training specific to online instruction will be developed and provided for students engaging in online learning.
  • Students applying for permission to take a virtual course shall fulfill readiness expectations and provide teacher/counselor recommendations to confirm the student possesses the academic readiness and maturity level to function effectively in an online learning environment.

Accountability and Evaluation

  • Assessment of student proficiency in desired outcomes will be measured.
  • Mechanisms are in place for verification of the authenticity of student work.
  • Course is approved through student services for PSEO coursework.
  • The building administrator will conduct course approval.


  • Registration, books, materials, fees will be paid for by the district.

Security and Safety

  • Necessary steps should be taken to provide a secure online environment and ensure confidentiality of online courses.


  • Grades and credits will transfer. Courses will be reviewed to meet standards for the National Student Clearinghouse.
  • Summer online courses are not covered through PSEO.
  • Individual teacher development of online courses will determine the timeline in which courses will be completed.
  • Credit issued by non-accredited institutions will not be accepted for credit.

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