603.02 Progress Reports to Students



Reporting Practices

The Board of Directors supports the following objectives of student progress reporting:

  1. To inform parents of the progress made by their children;
  2. To give parents a better understanding of the work of the school;
  3. To record for students their growth and achievement;
  4. To help students evaluate their own growth and achievement;
  5. To help students, parents, and the school staff work together.

The superintendent of schools, with assistance from the administrative and teaching staffs, shall develop procedures for evaluating and reporting student progress to parents.

Parent-teacher conferences shall be scheduled at least once each academic year in all schools of the district.  Such conference shall supplement the student progress reports.

The professional staff shall review reporting procedures annually.  The Board of Directors shall have the responsibility of granting final approval to the procedures and their revisions as recommended.

Approved:          3/14/88          Reviewed:        7/9/12         Revised: __________

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