603.04 Accountability Test Integrity/Test Preparation



The Muscatine Community School District is committed to ensuring the integrity of the information obtained from the use of educational assessments.  This policy is intended to apply to two assessments in particular; the assessment used to meet the reporting requirement under the No Child Left Behind Act and the assessment used to meet the reporting requirements for the Annual Progress Report to the Iowa Department of Education.

The purpose of this policy is to identify procedures that can ensure assessment results are truly representative of the achievement of students in our district.  It is also our intent to create awareness of the potential negative impact that inappropriate assessment practices might produce, to outline processes to be followed, and to identify the potential consequences of violating the policy.  If test scores become questionable because of inappropriate practices in either preparing students or in administering tests, the meaning of the scores will be distorted and the value for their original purpose will be diminished or lost.








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