603.04AP Administration of Standardized Assessment

Policy 603.04

Administrative Procedures Administration of Standardized Assessments

Use of Testing Materials

  • Iowa Testing Program (ITP) test materials are to be used only with student during scheduled testing periods as authorized by the district.
  • Contents of ITP materials should not be disclosed to students, parents, or others who do not have a professional need for such information.
  • Under no circumstances should district personnel photocopy test pages for any reason.


  • ITP test materials may be used by Muscatine Community School District staff for professional development, i.e., score interpretation.
  • Each building needs to develop procedures for storage, distribution and collection of ITP materials.
  • Accountability for test material should be maintained with a building checkout log with the building principal/designee serving as the custodian of ITP materials.
  • Test Booklets should not be removed from district buildings and checkout should be limited to one day.
  • ITP test materials used for professional development should be stored such that access is limited and monitored.

Test Preparation and Practice Activities

  • Acceptable test preparation includes:
    • Providing instruction in the content areas to be assessed.
    • Teaching general test-taking skills that are applicable to any test or test format, i.e. use of time, role of guessing, responding to unfamiliar test item formats
  • Unacceptabletest preparation includes:
    • Conducting review or drills that use actual test items.
    • Using copies of ITP tests with students, in any manner or any portion, from previous years.

Test Administration

  • Unacceptable test administration practices include:
    • Use of accommodations/modifications that are not prescribed in a 504, IEP and/or ESL student plan.
    • Deviating from the test administration procedures specified in the test examiner’s manual.
    • Providing inappropriate assistance to students during test administration, i.e. voice inflection, body language, gestures, comments, etc.
    • Changing or filling in answers on student answer documents.
  • Providing inaccurate data on student answer documents
  • Engaging in any practice to artificially raise student scores without actually improving underlying student achievement
  • Participating in, directing, aiding, counseling, assisting, encouraging, or failing to report any of the acts prohibited as listed in these guidelines.

Use of Score Reports

  • District staff with a legitimate professional need may access score reports.
  • Student test scores are confidential and should be handled according to the confidential regulations outlined in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
  • Students and legal guardians have a right to access individual scores; other individuals without a direct educational connection to the student will need parental written permission to access.

Consequences of Testing Guideline Violations

  • Reports of students cheating on assessments shall be submitted to building principal for investigation and disciplinary procedures.
  • A staff member found to have committed testing irregularities shall be subject to discipline in accordance with law and Board policy 401.6 (Evaluation) and 401.7 (Suspension).
  • If the superintendent believes that assessment results are invalid after the investigation of an alleged violation, the superintendent will contact the Iowa Department of Education.







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