702.02 Tuition and Fees for Service



Students may be assessed fees, fines, or charges for the materials needed in a course, for overdue school materials, for participating in activities, or for misuse of school property.

The School Board shall, upon the recommendation of the superintendent of schools, adopt a schedule of tuition and fees for services for the upcoming academic school year, i.e., those courses or fees that begin after the following July 1st, prior to the approval of the certified budget.

Parents of students meeting specific financial eligibility standards will be eligible for a waiver of student fees or a reduction of student fees based upon the request of the parent.  It is the responsibility of the superintendent, in conjunction with administration, to develop administrative regulations regarding this policy.

LEGAL REF: Iowa Code Section 282.6; 282.24; 282.2; 442.4, 279.8 (1995)

Approved:          4/9/90              Reviewed:       4/13/09             Revised:        4/28/14____

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