703.06 Travel Allowance



All personnel of the school district shall be reimbursed for travel expenses incurred for travel outside the district when authorized by the superintendent

Travel shall be by common carrier when such transportation is available and will serve the time schedule of the individual or by private automobile.  If the individual chooses to go by automobile, the maximum travel cost shall not exceed the cost of the economy/coach class air travel.

The rates for reimbursement shall be for actual expenses incurred, plus a per-mile rate set by the Board for use of a private automobile or similar conveyance.  An itemized account of all expenses, accompanied by receipted hotel/motel bills for overnight lodging, shall be presented to the Board for payment.

All non-administrative personnel shall be reimbursed for any travel necessary to the performance of their assigned duties.  This does not include travel between home and work.

Approved:          4/9/90             Reviewed:       10/14/13            Revised:         9/20/93____

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