705.01 School District Records



School district records shall be housed in the administrative offices of the school district.  It shall be the responsibility of the Board Secretary to oversee the maintenance and accuracy of the records.  The following records shall be kept and preserved, according to the schedule below:

  • Secretary’s financial records–Permanently
  • Treasurer’s financial records–Permanently
  • Minutes of the Board meetings –Permanently
  • Recordings of closed meetings –3 yearsAnnual audit reports –Permanently
  • Annual budget–Permanently
  • Permanent record of individual pupils–Permanently
  • Record of payment of judgments against the school district–20 years
  • Bonds and bond coupons after maturity–10 years
  • Canceled warrants, check stubs, bank statements, bills, invoices, and related records –5 years
  • Program grants–Determined by grant

Personnel records shall be housed in the administrative offices of the school district.  The personnel records shall be maintained by the superintendent, principal, and Board Secretary.

An inventory of the furniture, equipment and other non-consumable items other than real property of the school district shall be conducted annually under the supervision of the superintendent.  This report shall be filed with the Board Secretary.

A periodic ending inventory shall be maintained on consumable property of the school district.

The permanent and cumulative records of students currently enrolled in the school district shall be housed in the administrative office of the attendance center where the student attends.  Permanent records must be housed in a fireproof vault.  The building principal shall be responsible for keeping these records current.  Records of students who have graduated or are no longer enrolled in the school district shall be housed in the central administrative office.  The Board Secretary will maintain these records.

The Secretary is authorized, after permanently recording the Board’s records, to destroy, by burning or shredding, paper records that have been in the Board Secretary’s custody for three years.  A properly authenticated reproduction of a microfilmed record meets the same legal requirements as the original record.

LEGAL REF:   City of Dubuque vs. Telegraph Herald, Inc., 297 N.W.2d 523 (Iowa 1980); Iowa Code 22.2, .3 .7 279.8, 279.25-.16, 291.6-.11, 304 (1989); 670 Iowa Admin. Code 3.3(10), .3(11); 281 Iowa Admin. Code 12.3(10), .3(6) (new standards); 1982 Op. Attorney General 3; 1980 Op. Attorney General 166, 667

Approved:            4/24/89            Reviewed:          6/14/10         Revised:      6/12/00___

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