900.04 Use of School Facilities During School Hours



General Statement

Student-initiated or non-curriculum related groups must request the use of school facilities with the building principal and obtain a contract through the Board Office.  Approval or denial will be made by the principal or his/her designee.

Student-initiated or non-curriculum related groups will not use the school name, school mascot name, district name, or any name that might imply school or district sponsorship.  The use of school equipment will be subject to Board policy.

Non-Instructional Time During Normal School Hours

Appropriate student groups may request use of school facilities during non-instructional times during normal school hours for any lawful and orderly activity not directly related to school curriculum.  In making its facilities available to them, the district is not promoting, enforcing, or otherwise sponsoring such groups.  In order to use school facilities, the following criteria must be satisfied:

  1. The meeting is voluntary and student initiated.
  2. There is no sponsorship of the meeting by the schools, its agents, or employees.
  3. Employees of the school district are present, if at all, only in a non-participatory capacity.
  4. The meeting does not materially or substantially interfere with the orderly conduct of educational activities within the school.
  5. Non-school persons may not attend such student group activities.
  6. As a means of determining whether a student’s attendance at an approved meeting is voluntary, a school principal or his/her designee will require parental consent for attendance at meetings of non-curriculum related groups.
  7. Non-instructional time shall mean any time before the first period and after the last period in the day when students attend class.
  8. The activity must not be for the purpose of private profit or fund raising.

Approved:           10/26/87          Reviewed:      7/14/14            Revised:       4/10/95____

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