About Mulberry Elementary School

Mulberry School at a Glance

  • Mulberry serves 280 students in grades kindergarten through fifth.  We have a wide variety of students, including those within half-mile radius as well as many sub-divisions and rural areas.
  • We maintain our North Central Accreditation (NCA) by participating in a self-study, team validation visitation and yearly compliance with NCA standards.
  • Mulberry offers a varied counseling program, including weekly classroom instructions as well as small group and individual counseling.
  • The Talented and Gifted (T/G) is designed to offer special instruction to further develop students academically, socially, and emotionally to their fullest potential.  Whole class instruction as well as small group interaction is utilized to best meet the needs of the individual students.
  • Special education programming serves a variety of students with needs, including the district’s elementary hearing impaired program
  • Access to technology for all students is a priority.  In addition to two Mac labs, one PC lab and three iPad labs, the building has a full lab called Success Lab and a half lab in the media center.  Every classroom has at least two desktops, a projector and an interactive whiteboard.
  • Accelerated Reader is a computer program which encourages students to read independently and take tests.  Kindergarten students can also take tests over books which have been read aloud to them.  We can always use volunteers to help out in the AR lab.
  • The school promotes leadership through the Leader in Me initiative.   Students are taught and use Steven Covey’s Seven Habits throughout the school day.
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