Pick Up and Drop Off

Parents should drop off and pick up students at the church.   Please park at the church before and after school.   Parking in the bus lane in front of the school is available between 8:25 and 2:30.   Thank you!

The building is locked during the day so you need to enter through the front door and buzz the office.   Always check in at the office as soon as you enter the building.

Drop off and Pickup Procedures:

  • Doors open at 7:430 and breakfast begins at 7:40.   On late start days, there will be no breakfast program.   Drop your child off at the First Baptist Church anytime between 7:40 and 8:10.   Students will walk up the sidewalk, enter through the east doors and sit in the gym in an area designated for their class.   Teachers pick students up from the gym at 8:00 and the tardy bell rings at 8:10.
  • The dismissal bell rings at 3:05.   Students who walk home and need to cross Mulberry Avenue are escorted across the street by an adult. Children who are picked up sit in the hall by the church.   Parents are to park cars in the church parking lot and walk up the sidewalk to the east door.    Under no circumstances will we allow children to run to vehicles that are parked. Once children are released to a parent/guardian, the child’s safety is the parent responsibility.   This procedure will be followed every day regardless of weather conditions   Bussed students wait in the gym in areas designated for the various buses.   They are dismissed when all the buses arrive.   THERE IS NO PARKING IN THE FRONT OF THE BUILDING BEFORE SCHOOL OR AT DISMISSAL TIME. THIS AREA IS RESERVED FOR THE BUSSES.    FOR THE CHILDREN’S SAFETY AS THEY ENTER AND EXIT THE BUSSES, WE CANNOT ALLOW PARKING.
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