CMS Announcements ~ Tuesday, March 6, 2018

It is a GOLD Day


Students – Please check the Lost and Found for coats, sweatshirts, hats, and lunch boxes. We will donate all things from Lost and Found to local charities during Spring Break. Thank you. Mr. Wright.


Conferences tonight from 4:15-7:30.  Hope to see you there.




CMS Families,


I want to confirm that conferences will remain scheduled on Monday (March 5th),  Tuesday (March 6th) and Thursday (March 8th). You may have received notification that Tuesday conferences were being moved to Wednesday, that is inaccurate and to be honest was my error.


In an effort to allow families to go to the basketball state tournament in Des Moines, I made an executive decision to change the schedule. That decision has created a multitude of issues for our staff, who have contacted multiple families and confirmed dates and times. What seemed like a simple move, has created significant issues. Additionally, it puts up against church night and creates issues with elementary and HS conference schedules.


After reconsidering the situation, I’ve decided that we will continue with our original schedule and not make any changes. What I will say is that if you want to attend the basketball tournament in Des Moines, feel free in doing so, even if you are scheduled for a conference at Central Middle School. We will do what we can to adjust our times to accommodate your needs.


Thank you for your understanding! Go Muskies!


Mr. Hogenson


If your student is going to be absent please contact:

Muscatine Community School District Attendance



Telephone: 563-263-7223


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