Voluntary Transfers

(Voluntary Transfer is for parents wanting their student to attend a different school WITHIN the Muscatine Community School District other than their home school attendance center. Open Enrollment is for those who wish to send their student to another school district in Iowa. Looking for Open Enrollment information instead?)


  1. Students will generally not be transferred into classes containing 21 students or more so that room is available for students who move into the school neighborhood. Also students will generally not be transferred out of classes containing 16 or fewer students.
  2. Transportation must be provided by the parent/guardian.
  3. Should attendance or tardiness become a problem, future transfer requests may be denied and current approval may be reversed.
  4. Approval of voluntary transfer request may be reversed if class size becomes too large, if a class section has to be reduced or other reasons that may affect class size.
  5. The district will consider mid-year transfer requests AFTER the parents, student, and school personnel have attempted to formally solve the problem as it is always best for students when parents and the school work together. Problem resolution steps include:
    1. What is the most significant problem for the student in school?
    2. If this problem were solved, how would things be different for the student?
    3. What help or resources does the student, the parents, and the school need to solve this problem?
    4. What are the three most important steps necessary to solve this problem?
    5. How and when will progress on the plan to solve this problem be communicated.

The application deadline for the 2018-19 school year is APRIL 30, 2018.

Action will be taken on voluntary transfers following Registration. Priority will be given to those who meet the above deadline.

Below are current forms and procedures for voluntary transfers.

Voluntary Transfer Forms
2018-19 Online Voluntary Transfer Form Recommended!
2018-19 Request for Voluntary Transfer Form – Print Version
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