Attendance Policy


Board Policy 501.2 (6/7)

It is the educational philosophy of the Muscatine Community School District that regular attendance by all students at school is essential. Students are unable to obtain the maximum opportunities from the educational program without regular attendance at scheduled classes and activities. The Board of Directors, Administrators, and staff of the Muscatine Community School District expect students to be in attendance at scheduled classes and activities.

  1. The following absences will be considered approved. Approved absences do not count toward violation of attendance policy.
    1. Death or serious illness in the immediate family or household, and emergency work at home when vital to the family welfare (up to 5 days) as listed in MCSD contract.
    2. The funeral of a relative or close friend (1day).
    3. Medical or dental appointments which cannot be made other than during school time, and for which written verification of the appointment is presented.
    4. Student illness must be excused by a medical doctor or parent or guardian.
    5. Court appearances – when subpoenaed.
    6. Religious Holidays.
    7. Approved school activity.
  2. School work missed due to any absence must be completed to the satisfaction of each teacher whose class or classes were missed. It is the student’s responsibility to arrange for this make-up work.
    1. When students can anticipate absences, every effort must be made to see that school work is made up in advance of the absence, or arrangements made to the satisfaction of the teacher(s) involved.
    2. At the discretion of the teacher students may lose all credit for homework, tests or quizzes assigned/due during unexcused absences or class cuts.
    3. All school work missed due to excused absences must be made up within twice the number of school days missed to the satisfaction of the individual teacher(s) involved.
    4. Students shall receive full credit for school work made up if it is to the satisfaction of the individual teacher(s) involved.
    5. All make-up work will have to be completed within two weeks following the end of any given grading period (second semester excluded). At the end of the two week period, if all make-up work has not been completed, the “I” (Incomplete) mark will revert to the grade earned. Under special circumstances, the principal or designee may lengthen this time period.
    6. Students who are absent for physical disabilities, illness or emotional disability problems may request credit to be granted through a tutorial program that uses certified personnel. Persons who are projected to be out of school because of illness for more than ten consecutive school days should contact their school counselor about the possibility of tutorial services.
  3. Students who are found to be absent without an accepted excuse may be subjected to one or more of the following disciplinary actions:
    1. Detentions
    2. In-school suspension
    3. Out of school suspension
    4. Removal from school activities
    5. Suspension from school determined by district policy
    6. Alternative education setting
    7. Recommendation may be made by administration to the Board of Directors that the student be expelled
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