Dress Code Policy


(Board Policy 503.06)

The Board believes inappropriate student appearance may cause material and substantial disruption to the school environment or present a threat to the health and safety of students, employees and visitors.

Students are expected to adhere to standards of cleanliness and dress that are compatible with the requirements of a good learning environment. The standards will be those generally acceptable to the community as appropriate in a school setting.

The Board expects students to be clean and well-groomed and wear clothes in good repair and appropriate for the time, place and occasion. Clothing or other apparel promoting products illegal for use by minors and clothing displaying obscene material, profanity, or reference to prohibited conduct are disallowed. While the primary responsibility for students; personal appearance lies with the students and their parents, appearance disruptive to the education program will not be tolerated. When, in the judgment of a principal, a student’s appearance or mode of dress disrupts the educational process or constitutes a threat to health or safety, the student may be required to make modification.

It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent, in conjunction with the principals, to develop administrative regulations regarding this policy.

  1. No midriffs exposed. The student’s hem of the upper garment must touch the waistband of their pants/shorts/skirt while the student is standing. Shirts must cover any/all area of skin and/or undergarments when wearing low rider pants.
  2. Shorts/skirts must be at least 1⁄2 the distance between the top of the knee and the groin.
  3. No outdoor/winter coats are allowed in the classroom. Jackets and team apparel are acceptable.
  4. Headwear (bandanas, hats, sweatbands, or hoods) may not be worn at any time in the building. Headphones may be used only during assigned area time. No headphones are to be used in the hallways or the classrooms.
  5. Undergarments must be worn, not shown.
  6. Spaghetti straps, tube tops, halter-tops, backless tops, and one shoulder tops are acceptable only if they are underneath another garment. Shirts must cover any/all areas of skin and/or undergarments when wearing low rider jeans.
  7. Upper garments must expose no cleavage. . Off shoulder shirts are not allowed.
  8. Slippers of any type are not allowed. Shoes must be worn at all times. These include all hard sole shoes. Flip-flops are acceptable.
  9. Coaches or after school activity sponsors are to decide the dress code during practice and for competition.
  10. No clothing or apparel is to promote products illegal for minors, display obscene material, profanity, or make reference to prohibited conduct.
  11. Chains hanging from clothing must not be longer than 3 inches.
  12. Gloves are to be left in students’ lockers/backpacks and not worn in the classrooms, study halls, or assigned areas.
  13. Any attire determined by administration to have a gang affiliation will not be allowed .
  14. Shoes with wheels are prohibited.

The following procedures will be followed regarding enforcement of the Student Appearance policy:

  1. A record of student dress code violations must be kept.
  2. Offenders of the dress code must be told that they have violated the dress code and what area of the code they have violated.
  3. Students may not leave the building until a parent/guardian/emergency contact person has been informed of the policy violation by the school or the student.
    • 1st offense: The student is notified that they have violated the dress code.
    • 2nd. Offense: A parent/guardian is contacted; the student must go home and change (if needed).
    • 3rd offense: A parent/guardian is contacted; the student must go home and change (if needed), and a lunch time detention is given in Room 210.
    • 5th offense: This would be an administrative decision as to further consequences.
    • 4th offense: A parent/guardian is contacted and is asked to meet with the reporting teacher and/or administrator for a parental conference; the student must go home and change (if needed) .
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