Staff List

MELC Staff
Department Name Email Address
Principal Jessi Freers
Secretary Michelle Jarrett
Instructional Coach Kathi Eichelberger
Nurse Robin Graettinger
ECSE Teacher Jennifer Heiar
4-year-old Teacher Lindsey Brewer
4-year-old Teacher Chelsea Spray
4-year-old Teacher Mary Kisner
4-year-old Teacher Megan Knuckey
4-year-old Teacher Holly Hull
4-year-old Teacher Megan Thompson
4-year-old Teacher Renee Johnson
4-year-old Teacher Jill Owens
4-year-old Teacher Noelia Espinal
3-year-old Teacher Jodi Jones
3-year-old Teacher Kalee Fetters
3-year-old Teacher Amber Brown
Building Para Assciate Jennifer Smith
Para-Associate Callie McGill
Para-Associate Carla Greenwald
Para-Associate Casey Frantz
Para-Associate Cheyenne Fiedler
Para-Associate Dipali Wani
Para-Associate Dora Miller
Para-Associate Emily Yerington
Para-Associate Grace Minjares
Para-Associate Hailey Kemper
Para-Associate Hannah Shield
Para-Associate Jamie Wittmer
Para-Associate Karen Zaehringer
Para-Associate Kathy McConnaha
Para-Associate Kelli Holthe
Para-Associate Kerri Conard
Para-Associate Laurel Bender
Para-Associate Liz VanAcker
Para-Associate Melissa Rocha
Para-Associate Michelle Haller
Para-Associate Michelle Phelps
Para-Associate Nicole Doak
Para-Associate Sarah Stalkfleet
Para-Associate Shelby Noll
Para-Associate Tara Hopkins
Para-Associate Tia Fourneau
Para-Associate Wendy Subbert
Para-Associate Whitney Baars
PAT Supervisor Alison Daufeldt
PAT Parent Educator Lorie Burton
PAT Parent Educator TBD
AEA Educational Consultant Becky Zeck
AEA Speech/Language Consultant Stephanie Houseman
Custodian Rhonda Bierman
Custodian Lonnie Carter
Food Service Angie Hammond
Food Service Retha Bach
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