Board of Education

Muscatine Board of Education group picture taken on June 13, 2022

(Current board members Left to Right; Denny Schuur, Karen Cooney, Lindsey Phillips, Mike Morgan, John Dabeet, Matt Conard, Ken LaRue)

The Muscatine Community School District’s Board of Education consists of 7 board members who are elected to serve a 4-year term.    They are instrumental in guiding the direction of the school district through the development of goals, monthly public meetings as well as countless hours of research, communication with their constituents, and other events or activities. In addition to the monthly meetings, the district has also started offering the “School Board Community Conversations” that take place at 6pm (in the lower level of city hall) prior to the regular, monthly meeting at 7pm. The only months without the “School Board Community Conversations” are June & July.

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