200 Board of Directors

201  General Organization

201.1  Organization of the Board of Directors

201.2  Legal Status of the School District

201.3  General Powers and Duties of the Board

201.4  Elections to the Board

201.5  Membership of the Board

201.6  Term of Office of the Board Members

201.7  Board Vacancies

                        201.8 Student School Board Representatives

202   Specific Duties of the Board

202.1  Ethical Code for Board Members

202.2  President of the Board

202.3  Vice President of the Board

202.4  Secretary of the Board

202.5  Treasurer of the Board

202.6  Individual Board Members

203  Procedures of Operation

203.1  Development and Formulation of Policy

203.2  Adoption of Policy

203.3  Review and Revision of Policy

203.4  Approval of Administrative Regulations

203.5  Standing Committees of the Board

203.6  Ad Hoc Committees with Exhibit

203.7  Legal Counsel

203.8  Conflicts of Interest of Board Members with Exhibit 1

204  Meetings of the Board

204.1  Open Meetings

204.2  Regular Board Meetings

204.3  Special Board Meetings

204.4  Closed Sessions of the Board

204.5  Annual Meeting of the Board with Administrative Regulations

204.6  Notices for Board Meetings

204.7  Quorum for Board Meetings

204.8  Rules of Order

204.9 Agenda for Board Meetings with Exhibit: Order of Regular Business Meetings

204.10 Complaints Before the Board with Administrative Regulations

204.11 Board of Directors’ Records

204.12 Oath of Office, Board Members

204.13 Public Hearings

204.14 Work Sessions

204.15 Consent Agenda

204.16 Public Participation in Board Meetings

205  Miscellaneous

205.1  Compensation of Expenses to Board Members

205.2  Membership in State and National Associations

205.3 Gifts to Board Members

206 Board Member Development

206.1  New Board Member Orientation

206.2  Board Member Insurance

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