400 Employees

400 Statement of Guiding Principles – Employees

401 Employee Life Cycle

401.1 Licensed Employee Qualifications, Recruitment, Selection

401.3 Evaluation

401.4 Suspension – Licensed and Classified Employees with Administrative Regulations

401.5 Payroll Period

401.6 Payroll Deductions with Administrative Regulations

401.7 Workers Compensation

401.8 Professional Growth & Development

401.9 Employee and Volunteer Recognition

401.10 Personnel Records

401.11 Family and Medical Leave with Administrative Regulations and Definitions and Coronavirus Regulation

401.12 Limitations to Employment References

401.13 Compensation Deductions with Administrative Regulations

402 Equity Issues for Employees

402.1 Equal Employment Opportunity with Admin Regs – Affirmation Action Plan and Exhibit – EEO Complaint Form

402.2 Nondiscrimination Employees

403 Environment – Employees

403.1 Child Abuse by District Employees

403.2 Substance Free Workplace with Administrative Regulations and Exhibit – Notice to Employee

403.3 Tobacco Free Workplace

403.4 Communicable Disease – Employees with Administrative Regulations and Exhibit – HEPATITIS B VACCINE INFORMATION AND RECORD

403.5 Hazardous Chemical Disclosure

403.6 Other Employment

403.7 Use of School-Owned Vehicles

403.8 Identification Badges with Administrative Regulations

403.9 Use of School-Owned Vehicle to Pull School-Owned Trailer

403.10 Employee Conduct and Appearance

403.11 Notification of Arrest, Criminal Charges, or Child Abuse Complaints

       403.12 Child Abuse and Neglect 

404 Certificated Employees

404.1 Definition of Certificated Personnel

404.2 Academic Tutoring

404.3 Substitutes for Teachers with Admin Regulations

404.4 Staff Development Procedures

404.5 Licensed Employee Individual Contract

       404.6 Licensed Employee Continuing Contracts

404.7 Probationary Status

404.8 Resignation

404.9 Reduction in Force

404.10 Publication or Creation of Materials

405 Non-Certified Employees

405.1 Responsibilities and Duties

405.2 Evaluation of Non-Certified Personnel

405.4 Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

405.5 Licensing – Certification

405.6 Wage and Overtime Compensation

406 Employee and Internal Relations

406.1 Employee Conflict of Interest

406.2 Nepotism

406.3 Employee Complaints

406.4 Employee Political Activity

        406.5 Employee Expression

407 Employee and Outside Relations

407.1 Release of Credit Information

407.2 Gifts to Employees

407.3 Public Complaints About Employees




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